Next Stop for Employers – 2020

With 2020 fast approaching, it comes as no surprise that employers will face new and emerging HR challenges and obstacles when it comes to complying with federal, state and local laws as well as developing, maintaining and enforcing workplace policies and procedures.

Key 2019 Issues

In 2019, HR and employers faced myriad workplace challenges. From new laws and regulations on trending issues such as equal pay and reasonable accommodations to societal transformations with the #metoo and #timesup movements, to changes in technology and communications, employers were compelled employers to revisit and update their workplace policies and procedures in a meaningful way.

Based on XpertHR’s survey and complimentary whitepaper, these were some of the new and emerging issues employers faced:

• Complying with rapidly changing leave laws across states and localities;
• Eliminating unconscious bias in recruiting and hiring;
• Handling employee mental health issues;
• Preventing cyber breaches and data security;
• Managing mobile devices/wearable technology;
• Handling the conflict between federal and state marijuana laws; and
• Preparing and responding to an active shooter or workplace violence incident.

Other challenges encountered seemingly year after year include:

• Ensuring handbooks are read and understood by employees;
• Finding high quality applicants;
• Ensuring employees and supervisors have the necessary skill sets now and for future responsibilities;
• Keeping handbooks current with new laws and trends; and
• Recruiting a more diverse workforce.

Full Speed Ahead to 2020

What will 2020 bring when it comes to HR compliance? There are a host of other trending issues to watch and employers must be up to speed on them, including:

• Closing the wage gap and increasing pay equity for women and minorities;
• Managing and protecting employee privacy;
• Monitoring workers through microchips and biometrics;
• Managing nontraditional workers (i.e., gig workers, remote workers);
• Making workplaces more family friendly, diverse and inclusive;
• Providing reasonable accommodations for workers in a protected class (i.e., disability, gender identity, religion);
• Addressing increased immigration enforcement and audits;
• Complying with EEO-1 Component 2 requirement to provide wages and hours worked data;
• Addressing pregnancy/lactation issues;
• Handling employee use of e-cigarettes and vaping;
• Preparing for anticipated changes to overtime regulations;
• Providing leave and time off for various reasons;
• Preventing harassment and investigating complaints; and
• Restrictions on the use of NDAs/arbitration clauses in employment or settlement agreements with respect to harassment.

To learn more about these critical challenges, XpertHR is conducting a survey on HR Trends for 2020. We hope you will share with us the trends and challenges that you believe will affect your workplace in 2020. This survey should only take approximately 10 minutes and your specific responses will be anonymous.

To show our appreciation for taking our survey, we will be awarding a $100 Amazon gift card to three lucky winners. Participants will also receive a copy of the survey report via email before it is released to the public.

The survey will only be open until October 11 so don’t miss your chance to take part in this survey.


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