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Beth Zoller was formerly the legal editor for the discrimination, privacy and various recruiting and hiring sections of XpertHR.

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Returning At-Risk Employees to Work: Precautions to Take

As workplaces reopen, restrictions ease and employees reenter the workplace, they do so in an environment in which the threat of COVID-19 still looms large. Employers must comply with a myriad of state and local health orders on social distancing,… continue
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EEOC Provides COVID-19 Tips for Employer Compliance with Discrimination Laws

On March 27, 2020, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) posted a webinar to its website referencing valuable employer advice and tips to address the coronavirus (COVID-19) in the workplace while complying with Title VII and other federal antidiscrimination laws.… continue
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Addressing Employee Mental Health During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is shaking everyone in the US and around the globe to their core as Americans worry about their health, jobs, finances and future. Social distancing is likely making everyone feel anxious, insecure and disconnected from their daily… continue
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10 Ways to Loveproof Your Workplace

Just as new parents scramble to babyproof their homes when they have a toddler by making sure the toddler doesn’t touch a hot stove or electrical outlet, eat the dog’s food or ruin their sibling’s homework, it is critical for… continue
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Tips to Comply with Top 2020 Strategic and Compliance HR Challenges

As 2020 gets under way, employers must recognize the strategic and compliance challenges their workplaces face. With respect to strategic challenges, employers must understand how societal, cultural and technological changes create employer challenges and how to connect HR strategy to… continue
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Hairstyle and Criminal History Laws Aim to Combat Race Discrimination

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…I have a dream that my four… continue
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Dos and Don’ts for Employers to Keep Their Holiday Parties Happy

Having a workplace holiday party and celebrating the holidays with colleagues can be a great way to encourage team camaraderie, thank employees for their hard work and create a more festive atmosphere. However, if an employer is not cautious, it… continue
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Second Chance Hiring: 9 Considerations for Employers

Second chance hiring is the notion of hiring individuals with a criminal record and providing them with a second chance. As detailed below, second chance hiring can have significant benefits for employers. Recently JPMorgan Chase announced that it is “expanding… continue
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Ensuring Your Employee Handbook Is Ready for 2020

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, it is crucial for employers and HR to revisit and reassess their employee handbook and see if it needs to be updated or amended in any way for 2020.  New laws and… continue
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New Laws to Watch Promoting Workplace Diversity

October is Global Diversity Awareness Month and a chance to focus on the positive impact diversity and inclusion can have on a workforce. Although US workplaces have come a long way when it comes to diversity, there is still much… continue
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