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I am the legal editor for the preemployment background check, job advertising, and interviewing and selection content in the recruiting and hiring section of XpertHR USA. Prior to joining XpertHR, I served as US Supreme Court correspondent and editor-in-chief of a nationwide legal news service, as well as co-anchor of the company's newscasts and editor of its employment law product. My work also has appeared in the ABA's Supreme Court Preview, Employee Rights Quarterly, USA Today and The Washington Times.

Some of the topics I cover in the US include:
Employee Background Checks
HR Recruiting

Email : david.weisenfeld@xperthr.com

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Flunking Investigations 101 – Houston Astros Show What NOT to Do

The American League Champion Houston Astros had a spectacular season, winning a team record 107 games as they captured the best record in baseball and fell just short of their second World Series title in three years. But an ugly… continue
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How Reverse Mentoring Can Benefit Senior Leaders

Many employees can point to a mentor in their workplace who played a crucial role in advancing their career and showing them the ropes. This mentor typically is a senior, or at least more experienced, employee who selflessly shared his… continue
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2019 Mass Shootings Shed Spotlight on Active Shooter Situations

The pair of mass shootings within 24 hours in El Paso and Dayton are another reminder for employers to revisit whether they are taking every precaution needed to prevent an attack, or be prepared if one happens, in their workplaces.… continue
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Mets Behaving Badly: What to Do When Employees Don’t Apologize

“See you tomorrow.” It seems like the most innocuous of workplace partings you could possibly offer. And yet those words led to a major dustup last month that had some calling for a manager to be fired. After the New… continue
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How Younger Generations Are Shaking Up the Workforce

Generation Z has been described as the most globally aware generation ever. However, since Generation Z refers to individuals born in 1994 or after, you may be wondering how much of an impact could workers this young be having so… continue
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July 1 Compliance Deadlines Coming Up for Employers

Summer typically is a time when things go a bit slower as many key team members take PTO. But in readying for time off, it’s up to HR pros to ensure that your organization is fully compliant with a host… continue
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Should Employers Rethink Drug Testing Amidst Marijuana Legalization?

While marijuana remains illegal under federal law, 33 states have legalized medical marijuana use and another 10, plus the District of Columbia, have legalized some form of recreational use. It’s a trend that only figures to grow in the coming… continue
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Why Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Remains Compelling

There is an old saying, “Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to the dance.” Many employers are doing better when it comes to diversity, but are enough of their minority employees actually getting invited to… continue
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DOL’s Overtime Exemption Increase – And Why Time Is of the Essence

The Department of Labor (DOL) made big news last month by proposing new regulations to raise the minimum annual salary for overtime-exempt employees from its current level of $23,660 to $35,308. Almost everyone agrees that the $23,660 figure is embarrassingly… continue
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How to Keep Your Best Employees From Walking Out the Door

When it comes to employee engagement, many employers are talking a good game. Indeed, the phrase has become popular among corporate leaders. But are companies actually moving the needle? A Gallup report from a few years ago estimated that US… continue
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