Employee Handbooks

An employee handbook, or company policy handbook, is a must-have for organizations to communicate expectations, policies and procedures to employees. Employee policies document expectations and ensure that employees understand their rights and responsibilities in the workplace.

This XpertHR blog will provide you with information on what to include in your employee handbooks, and provide valuable insights to ensure that your company policy handbooks cover key issues and implications that impact employees around the country and, indeed, around the globe.

From disclaimers to policy language and up-to-date information on the issues your employee handbooks should address, you’ll find what you need here.

Featured ‘Employee Handbook’ Posts

How Do Municipalities Affect Your Employee Handbook?

Municipalities are leading the way in expanding employee rights. So, if updating an employee handbook is not challenging enough, employers now find themselves trying to keep up with municipalities stretching their own legislating power to carve out rights and benefits…

Your Employee Handbook in 2016: Top Seven Updates

With 2016 fast approaching, an employer should be sure to take the time to review and update its employee handbook so that it remains legally compliant. There have been a number of significant legal changes on the federal, state and local levels that have or will have a substantial impact on workplace policies. Here are seven key updates you need to address for 2016.

An HR To-Do List for 2016: Handbooks, Posters and More

With the holiday season well underway, here are six items we think should be on every HR department’s to-do list for the new year. Number 1 – Update Your Workplace Policies and Employee Handbooks.

How Employee Handbooks Can Keep You Out of Court

Beth Zoller has put together a great piece about how employee handbooks can be a vital tool in keeping you out of court. There are six key steps to ensuring you’re up to date and ready for 2016. These include having the right policies on key topics, being mindful of local laws, staying consistent and more.

Is Your Employee Handbook A Ticking Time Bomb? 

Beth Zoller has compiled the top 10 handbook mistakes. The stakes are high and these handbook mistakes can cause confusion and possibly lead to litigation. The top 10 mistakes include violating the NLRA, complicated legalese language and many others. Check out the full article in full to be sure your handbook isn’t a ticking time bomb.

California-Specific Webinar Highlights Pressing Handbook Issues 

California employers face a h0st of unique employment law issues at both the state and local levels that must be taken into account when developing, implementing and enforcing employee handbooks. Littler Mendelson employment attorneys Chris Cobey and Ben Emmert, of the firm’s San Jose office, explore those challenges…

National_Labor_Relations_Board_logo_-_colorNLRB Highlights Questionable Employee Handbook Provisions 

On March 18, the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) General Counsel released a report prompted by recent cases involving challenges to employee handbook policies. The report notes that even well-intentioned rules that prohibit employees from engaging in protected conduct, or can be reasonably construed…

Five Tips For Employee Handbook Disclaimers To Protect Employer Interests 

A clear and conspicuous disclaimer is an essential part of an employee handbook. Not only can it protect an employer’s legitimate business interests, but it can also help to avoid costly litigation and to save an employer’s time, money and resources. Here are the five tips to keep in mind when drafting an employee handbook disclaimer…

workplace-concern-graphicChallenging Employee Handbook Issues Showcased in XpertHR Webinar 

A recent XpertHR webinar features employee handbook issues and reveals some rather interesting findings. Presented by Littler Mendelson employment attorney Chris Cobey, the webinar explores a multitude of legal trends, including paid sick leave, minimum wage changes and more…

120px-L-13-02-05-C-495 Employee Handbook Mistakes: FMLA Case Offers Important Lessons 

A recent 6th Circuit Court of Appeals case provides employers with important lessons when it comes to employee handbook    policies, in particular their family and medical leave policy. Employees are eligible for leave under the federal Family and  Medical Leave Act (FMLA) if they have…

5 Key Ways New Leave Laws Will Impact Your Employee Handbooks 

XpertHR’s Beth Zoller has broken down the 5 key facts about the new paid sick leave laws and how they are going to make your existing employee handbooks out of date. This article includes an insight into the interaction between the different types of level and the fact that smaller employers aren’t excused. Even employers with just one employee could be affected.

Five Need To Know Trends About Employee Handbooks 

When it comes to employee handbooks, employers should commit to managing them as ever-evolving documents which should be kept current and updated and amended based on changes and trends in the law, culture and society. Here are five need to know trends employers should keep in mind…