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Linda Pophal, SPHR, is owner/CEO of Strategic Communications, LLC, and a communication strategist with a background in HR/employee relations. She has a BA in psychology and an MA in organizational management, and has managed employees in the education, energy and healthcare industries. She is the author of several books on HR and employee relations, including “Human Resource Essentials: Your Guide to Starting and Running the HR Function” (SHRM 2010). Pophal is an accredited member of the Society for Human Resource Management, the International Association of Business Communicators and the American Marketing Association.

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Expanding into Another Country: An HR Checklist for What You Need to Know

Global expansion is a common and, on its surface, logical way for many companies to grow market share. Unfortunately, not all companies succeed with global expansion. HR professionals can play a very critical role here both strategically and tactically. Their… continue
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Coronavirus: Challenges of a Temporary Remote Workforce and Ensuring Business Continuity

Not long after fears relating to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) reached a fever pitch, companies around the globe began taking action to protect employees, customers, the public and themselves. Google expanded work from home recommendations to all North American employees.… continue
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In Global HR Operations Which Structure is Best: Centralized or Decentralized?

HR management can be a challenge in any environment and in companies of all sizes. But when the company operates in multiple geographies on a global basis, management becomes increasingly challenging. For businesses operating globally or seeking global expansion, determining… continue
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Driving Digital Transformation: Why—And How—HR Pros Should Play a Pivotal Role

Digital transformation is being talked about a lot in HR (and other) circles these days. But, too often, these discussions take place in silos. HR leaders are in a good position to approach digital transformation more strategically by reaching out… continue
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Are You Listening, Really Listening, to Your Employees?

Many, if not most, organizations have methods in place to gather input from employees—suggestion boxes, hotlines, focus groups, engagement surveys, etc. But, are these organizations actually using this input strategically? Recent media reports about employee protests, walkouts and even government… continue
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Why Trendy Employee Benefit Options May Have Unintended Negative Consequences

In their effort to engage and retain employees, especially those from Generations Y and Z, employers are looking for innovative ways to secure a reputation as an employer of choice. In the process, though, they may be inadvertently turning some… continue
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Closing the Strategic Gaps Between HR and Senior Leadership

HR leaders have long been exhorted to “think strategically” in order to get that coveted “seat at the table.” But strategic means different things to different people. In fact, HR leaders sometimes feel unnecessarily maligned—many, in fact, do think strategically… continue
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The 4 C’s of Achieving a Workplace Culture Fit

There’s much talk in HR circles these days about the importance of culture fit. Companies not only want to hire employees with the skills to do the job, they also want employees whose personalities and passions align with the organization.… continue
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Building Trust: Critical Currency in a Competitive Job Market

Trust in major institutions is at an all-time low. The 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer revealed 9-point drop in trust among the general public—and a 23-point drop among the “informed public.” “The United States is enduring an unprecedented crisis of trust,”… continue
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Determining What Your CEO Cares About (And Adjusting Your Messaging Appropriately)

It’s no secret that there can be a significant disconnect between the CEO (and C-suite) and HR leaders in many organizations. While HR is focused on ensuring s positive and supportive culture and boosting employee engagement, CEOs are much more… continue
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