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I am the legal editor for the training and development, employee retention, performance appraisals, promotions, employee communications, managing employees in special situations, employee discipline, and recordkeeping and minimising liability content in the employee management section of XpertHR US. Prior to joining XpertHR, I worked as an assistant attorney general with the Florida Attorney General's Office, and as an Equal Opportunity Specialist for the US Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights. I also served as a law clerk to the Hon. Paul C Huck, Senior US District Judge for the Southern District of Florida.

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Sexual Harassment Prevention: Employers Must Do More

As sexual harassment in the workplace continues to be a focus for businesses, workers and enforcement agencies, evolving requirements and workplace demands have caused employers to focus on prevention strategies. What is the chief takeaway for employers with respect to… continue
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Changing Workplace Culture: The Role of Employee Training

Legislators are realizing that working toward changing workplace cultures to be more inclusive, fair and equitable takes more than a one-hour supervisor training session scheduled every two years. The District of Columbia is the latest in a growing list of… continue
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Sexual Harassment Prevention: Workplaces After #MeToo

The #MeToo movement’s rise has been marked by a host of high-profile resignations and terminations across a number of industries. While the movement has divided the country along partisan political lines at times, the reckoning at workplaces continues. Increases in… continue
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Scheduling Laws: Predictable, Secure, Flexible or Simply Confusing?

Workplace flexibility has been a trending concept in HR for some time now. Many employers and workers are fans of the concept because it does not tackle the question of if work gets done, but when and how. (The gig… continue
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Sexual Harassment Prevention: Planning for a Post-#MeToo Workplace

The #MeToo and #TimesUp movements are going strong. It seems like every day there is an evolving story: New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman blocks the acquisition of the scandal-ridden Weinstein Company one week, resigns in disgrace the next. Uber… continue
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Develop Good Habits for Retaining Top Talent

HR professionals already know why it is so important to retain top performers. Retention of top talent: Aids in meeting business goals; Improves production continuity; Increases institutional memory; Reduces undesirable turnover; and Limits recruitment, onboarding and training costs. But sometimes… continue
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From #SHRMLeg: How Employers Deal with Marijuana, Opioids and Other Drugs in the Workplace

With the human and economic costs of the opioid crisis dominating the headlines, the topic of how to deal with drug use in the workplace proved to be a popular topic at the 2018 SHRM Employment Law and Legislative Conference.… continue
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Why International Payroll, Learning and Development, and the Gig Economy Heart Blockchain

2018 seems to be the year in which HR gets serious about blockchain applications in the workplace. In fact, four of the first five emails I opened today had some mention of blockchain, including a range of communications from tech… continue
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Why Companies May Be Rethinking Executive Compensation in 2018

Evolving corporate tax realities are providing corporate America much food for thought in 2018. Companies may be reconsidering executive compensation programs that reward pay for performance in favor of higher salaries that are freed from any performance tether. Although multimillion-dollar… continue
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Supervisor Training: Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions

Having clear employment policies is crucial for employers, but those policies are often only as good as the supervisors entrusted with carrying them out. Robin Shea, a partner at the national law firm Constangy, Smith, Brooks & Prophete, and author… continue
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