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I am the legal editor for the FMLA, ADA, USERRA, Jury Duty and other forms of leave content in the employee leaves and employee management sections of XpertHR US. Before joining XpertHR, I served as associate counsel for Jackson Hewitt Tax Service. In that role, I provided legal advice on all company matters, which included providing advice to HR on a multitude of employment-related issues. Prior to working in-house, I worked as an employment associate at LeClairRyan (formerly St. John & Wayne), where I handled a diverse docket of employment-related matters.

Some of the topics I cover in the US include:
Disabled Employees
Reasonable Accommodation: ADA

Twitter: @melburd21

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Employee Voting Leave Rights Apply More Than Once Every Four Years

As we watch the presidential candidates light up the stage in preparation for next year’s election, voting leave may not be top of mind for HR. After all, no need to worry about that pesky topic until next November, right?… continue
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The Paid Sick Leave Trend: Get Your Ducks In A Row HR, Now!

The paid sick leave revolution is upon us! From 2014 to 2015, the number of paid sick leave laws in the US more than doubled. As of today, four states and more than 20 municipalities have created their own paid… continue
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Uncomfortable conversations for supervisors (Part 3): An employee with poor hygiene

Facing uncomfortable situations with employees is often part of the job description for supervisors and HR. But how do you address these situations effectively and avoid letting them turn into an even bigger workplace headache? In the final post of… continue
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Uncomfortable conversations for supervisors (Part 2): A workaholic who makes others miserable

It is much easier to avoid difficult situations in the workplace than to deal with them directly. But such a strategy provides no long-term solution and might only serve to make things worse, as many HR pros know all too… continue
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Uncomfortable conversations with supervisors (Part 1): A good employee gone bad

HR and supervisors often face uncomfortable situations in the workplace, whether it be giving an employee a negative performance review, dealing with an employee with a hygiene problem, or managing an employee with a negative attitude. In a three-part series… continue
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Four headaches facing multistate employers in the US

Some multistate US employers may know they need to keep their eye on state laws throughout the country – but quickly become overwhelmed by the sheer number of rules and regulations coming out of the states where they operate. Understanding… continue
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With FMLA audits on the rise – How do US employers stay prepared?

  The US Department of Labor (DOL) has stepped up its Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) enforcement efforts as reflected in several settlements of FMLA lawsuits. While the monetary amounts of these settlements may not always devastate an employer’s… continue
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Paid Parental Leave Does Not Replace Workplace Flexibility

What’s the best approach to take on parental leave benefits when it comes to recruiting and retaining existing, new or expectant parents? Is it all about paid leave? Or should the focus be on work-life balance? Or maybe a little… continue
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Down the Shore Everything WILL be All Right

As a born and raised jersey girl when I first saw the devastation of Hurricane Sandy I could barely breathe. I immediately felt a need to get in my car and take that parkway south drive to the jersey shore… continue
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