E-Cigarettes in the Workplace: Productivity Tool or Looming Health Scare?

Electronic cigarettes (a.k.a., e-cigarettes or e-cigs) are a growing trend in the US, including in the workplace. When it comes to these vaporized devices, there are a lot of questions: Are they actually healthier than regular cigarettes? Assuming they are… continue
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Troubling workplace bullying trend featured in new US podcast

It’s no secret that bullying is no longer simply the domain of the schoolyard. As many as 25 percent of US employees are reportedly harassed, threatened or attacked at work. There also are more than 1.5-million victims of workplace violence… continue
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The Buffalo Jills

Misclassification of independent contractors could leave team with little cheer

Having workers sign an agreement in which they are classified as “independent contractors” does not make them so. As a headline-grabbing lawsuit filed by cheerleaders for an American football team illustrates, employers must also limit how much they direct and… continue
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US Map

Labor and employment law posters: US state and local requirements

Every state and the District of Columbia require that employers post certain information regarding employee rights in a conspicuous manner, and in a place accessible to and frequented by employees (and, in some cases, applicants or the public). These requirements… continue
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Podcast offers inside look at ACA contraceptive coverage case

The US Supreme Court will soon decide a case that could carve away at a key provision of the groundbreaking health care reform law known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA). XpertHR was inside the courtroom, and our latest podcast … continue
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Twitter offers window into SHRM Legislative Conference

With about 30 sessions spread over just two days, the Society for Human Resource Management’s 2014 Employment Law and Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C., offered more information than any one person could take in. Fortunately, social media provided observations and… continue
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Uncomfortable conversations for supervisors (Part 3): An employee with poor hygiene

Facing uncomfortable situations with employees is often part of the job description for supervisors and HR. But how do you address these situations effectively and avoid letting them turn into an even bigger workplace headache? In the final post of… continue
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Uncomfortable conversations for supervisors (Part 2): A workaholic who makes others miserable

It is much easier to avoid difficult situations in the workplace than to deal with them directly. But such a strategy provides no long-term solution and might only serve to make things worse, as many HR pros know all too… continue
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Uncomfortable conversations with supervisors (Part 1): A good employee gone bad

HR and supervisors often face uncomfortable situations in the workplace, whether it be giving an employee a negative performance review, dealing with an employee with a hygiene problem, or managing an employee with a negative attitude. In a three-part series… continue
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XpertHR Minimum Wage Infographic

Infographic: Minimum wage rates on the move in US

Click for infographic   While President Obama stumps for an increase in the US federal minimum wage rate, an updated infographic from XpertHR illustrates the significant range of state minimum wage rates across the United States. From a low of… continue
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