Protecting Your Workforce From the Flu

Just like it is important to take precautions against the Ebola virus, employers should be prepared for all infectious diseases that could harm their workplaces. When flu season rolls around, employers and HR professionals are not immune from its effects.… continue
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Back to School and Back to Helping Employees Balance Work and Family Responsibilities

While employers need to maintain a productive and efficient team of hardworking employees, it also is important for organizations to be sensitive to the needs of working parents. That can be especially true at this time of year, with the… continue
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Performance Appraisals’ Changing Requirements

Performance reviews can be a challenging topic for employers. With every legislative session, administrative rulemaking or local council meeting comes the potential for new legal requirements affecting an employer’s performance management process. At a minimum, an employer must be aware… continue
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Hiring Job Candidates Without Landing in Hot Water

More than 90% of employers conduct background checks on job applicants at some point in the hiring process. A failure to do so today could lead to a negligent hiring lawsuit tomorrow. But employers that fail to pay attention to… continue
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Protect Your Workplace from an Ebola Outbreak

An employer with workers in West Africa is undoubtedly aware that the region is being ravaged by the deadliest Ebola outbreak in recorded history. And some experts say an Ebola case could soon be diagnosed in the US. In light… continue
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Multistate Chart: Timing of Final Paychecks Depends on State Termination Pay Laws

In today’s corporate environment of multistate operations and frequent layoffs, it is vital for employers that pay employees in more than one state to stay abreast of the termination pay laws. State laws and regulations dictate when an employer must… continue
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Looming labor and employment lawsuits: How do they affect your business?

Employers are exposed to any number of work-related claims, including discrimination, harassment, retaliation, breach of contract, negligent hiring, wage and hour disputes and wrongful discharge claims.  These claims can stem from laws on a federal, state or even local level.… continue
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Is Robotics in the Workplace a New Industrial Revolution?

Robots and artificial intelligence technologies may soon change the workplace at a pace not seen since the Industrial Revolution. That’s according to a number of experts, including San Francisco employment attorney Garry Mathiason who predicts that nearly 50% of US… continue
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What LeBron James Has to Do With Succession Planning

Your company’s top performer would be hard-pressed to approximate the value of LeBron James. But losing that person might be no less damaging to your organization if it is caught unprepared for that possibility. James stunned many observers when he… continue
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US Supreme Court Term Provided Potpourri of Key Employment Rulings

The US Supreme Court made big news with a number of key rulings affecting employers before taking its annual summer break. None was bigger than the Court’s first-of-its-kind finding that the Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive coverage mandate violated the religious… continue
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