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I am the legal editor for the payroll section of XpertHR US. I have a law degree and more than 25 years of experience as a writer and editor of tax and business publications for an audience of both legal and non-legal professionals.

Prior to joining XpertHR, I was Managing Editor, Payroll Information Resources, for the American Payroll Association. I have also worked at other well-known legal publishing companies, including CCH, WGL/Thompson Professional Publishing and Prentice Hall/Simon and Schuster.

Some of the topics I cover at XpertHR include:

Withholding Taxes
Taxation of Employee Benefits
Taxation of Employee Compensation
Depositing and Reporting Withheld Taxes
Payment of Wages
Unemployment Insurance Tax (FUTA/SUTA)
International Payroll Issues

Twitter: @PayGal2

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Leapin’ Lizards! What Payroll Needs to Know About Leap Year

The modern 12-month, 365-day calendar was invented (or standardized) in 1582, by Pope Gregory XIII, which makes sense when you think about it. Back then, there was nothing resembling a “payroll” of any kind. Who really cared if every four… continue
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Top 3 Holiday and Year-End Gift-Giving Tips for Employers

During the holidays, many employers opt to give gifts to employees and host parties as a gesture of good will, a reward for achievements during the past year, or a morale booster to encourage continued good performance in the year… continue
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Yes, Payroll Managers, You Can Ace Year-End 2017: Here’s How

Almost the entire US federal tax system hinges on one little form – Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement. As an employee, I take for granted that my employer will correctly complete my W-2, get my copy to me on… continue
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4 Key Steps to Recouping Wage Overpayments

An overpayment of wages can occur for many different reasons, such as inaccurate or delayed payroll processing, inaccurate accruals upon an employee’s termination, payroll system failure or simple clerical error. Regardless of why the overpayment occurred, the employee is not… continue
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Paying Final Wages: 5 Key Steps to Doing It Right

Employees quit their jobs or get fired every day in the working world. Despite the commonality of it, separations from employment often end up being a compliance challenge for employers. That’s because strict laws require employers to be ready to… continue
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Payroll’s Guide to 2016 Form W-2 Year-End Processing

Even though tax year 2016 did not see major legislative changes related to payroll processing, the significant effects of the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act of 2015 is undoubtedly on the minds of all payroll professionals. The PATH… continue
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Mandatory Commuter Benefits on the Rise in Major Metro Areas; Will Your Locale Be Next?

The employer requirement to offer employees the option of purchasing commuter transit benefits on a pre-tax basis via payroll deduction took effect this year on January 1 in two major metropolitan cities – New York City and Washington, DC. Perhaps… continue
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Why Leap Year Presents Payroll Challenges

You probably know that today is Leap Day and that 2016 is a leap year, which occurs every four years. According to 5th century Irish tradition, leap year is a good year for women to make marriage proposals to men.… continue
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A California Employer’s Guide to a Happy New Year

California employers will need to hit the ground running as soon as the New Year’s ball drops to ensure their compliance with a broad range of laws taking effect January 1, 2016. Rather than making the same old trite resolutions… continue
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Accelerated Form W-2 Filing Deadlines Top-of-Mind For 2016

At this time of year, HR and payroll professionals are currently busy filing their usual year-end employment tax returns and making system changes for 2016. But on top of that, employers in some states will have to deal with the… continue
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