Succession Planning

Ensuring an actionable succession planning policy is a must-do for organizations of all sizes. Your succession plan should lay the foundation for identifying—and making plans to efficiently fill—key positions within your organization. Business succession planning is an important organizational function that requires involvement at the highest level of the organization, with HR support as succession planning strategies are development, implemented and monitored.

XpertHR provides information here that can help you effectively identify, and then develop, internal staff with the potential to fill key leadership and other critical roles should they become open in the future.

These blog posts will provide you with guidance on the important steps of business succession planning, how to develop sound succession planning strategies and what critical elements should be included in your succession planning policy.

Featured ‘Succession Planning’ Posts

51525536_thumbnail-300x300Almost Half of Organizations Surveyed Fail at Succession Planning

Marta Moakley identifies the business risks associated with succession planning. Succession planning helps organizations ensure business continuity and performance when top talent exits, skills gaps are identified or tragedy strikes. Engaging in succession planning can reduce potential risks to an organization by addressing likely openings in a proactive manner.

Succession Planning: How Deep Is Your Bench 

Championship contenders know one thing well: each and every team player must be ready, willing and able to step up to the challenge if a team member should be unable to perform. Having backups that are ready to step in for the stars ensures a team’s glory and is a testament to good coaching – and good planning…

LeBron_James_bringing_ball_up_the_court-300x181What LeBron James Has To Do With Succession Planning

Your company’s top performers would be hard-pressed to approximate the value of LeBron James. But losing that person might be no less damaging to your organization if it is caught unprepared for that possibility. James stunned many observers when he left the star-studded Miami Heat- after winning two champions and making four consecutive…

Presidential Performance Appraisals: George Washington 

In honor of President’s Day, I thought it’d be fun to take the Performance Appraisal performance to the West Wing. Each day this week, I will be discussing the art of communicating performance reviews applying the theme of my favorite February holidays: President’s Day. This series of posts will lead you through the performance review process…