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Tips to Comply with Top 2020 Strategic and Compliance HR Challenges

As 2020 gets under way, employers must recognize the strategic and compliance challenges their workplaces face. With respect to strategic challenges, employers must understand how societal, cultural and technological changes create employer challenges and how to connect HR strategy to… continue
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DOL’s Overtime Exemption Increase – And Why Time Is of the Essence

The Department of Labor (DOL) made big news last month by proposing new regulations to raise the minimum annual salary for overtime-exempt employees from its current level of $23,660 to $35,308. Almost everyone agrees that the $23,660 figure is embarrassingly… continue
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5 Groundbreaking Changes in Puerto Rico Employment Law

“It was California on steroids,” says Littler global attorney Shiara Diloné, mincing few words about the state of Puerto Rico employment law prior to January 26, 2017. But with the stroke of his pen, Governor Ricardo Rossello appears to have… continue
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