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7 Tips to Improve Performance Reviews

At the heart of any performance appraisal system lies the meeting between each employee and his or her immediate manager at which the employee’s performance is reviewed and plans are made for the coming performance cycle. But the formal performance… continue
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Star Wars Performance Appraisals: Is the Force Really With You?

Whether your organization is ready to engage in annual performance reviews or it has long since blasted those into the next galaxy, the Star Wars franchise provides us an excellent opportunity to review a character’s performance and consider, “Was the… continue
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Addressing Poor Performance: Choices, Choices

A supervisor becomes aware of a performance deficiency: but what to do next? Depending on the circumstances, an employer may wish to address the issue informally, implement a performance improvement plan (PIP) or discipline the employee. Issues such as substance… continue
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This is the End: Four HR Tips to Make Employee Terminations Fair and Final

People break up all the time. Every day, all over the world. But whether a breakup will actually hurt your company has a lot to do with how the message is delivered to the outgoing employee and the process that… continue
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