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Justice Ginsburg Led the Way for Workplace Equality

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, whose death Friday night sparked an outpouring of grief across the US, left an enduring mark on the American workplace – both as a civil rights attorney arguing landmark cases and as a judge whose rulings… continue
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Sparked by US Women’s Soccer Team, 5 Steps Employers Can Take to Promote Equal Pay

The US Women’s National Soccer team (USWNT) became back-to-back FIFA Women’s World Cup winners this summer with their impressive run in the 2019 tournament in France. The players generated headlines both on and off the field for their swagger, their… continue
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3 Ways Your Company May Be Engaging in Sex Discrimination

March is Women’s History Month, and it marks 55 years since the Equal Pay Act was enacted and 54 years since Title VII of the Civil Rights Act has been the law of the land. And yet women continue to… continue
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Knocking Down the Maternal Wall to Avoid Family Responsibility Discrimination

On March 8, 2017, International Women’s Day, women all over the US donned red to celebrate “A Day Without Women” and highlight the economic power and significance that women have in the US and global economies and also call attention… continue
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HR Intel: Dark Joint Employer Clouds Forming for Franchises

A series of sexual harassment complaints against McDonald’s in the past month has laid the groundwork for a potential new joint employer battle for the purveyor of patties. Fifteen unique charges have been filed with the EEOC in the last… continue
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Closing the Wage Gap: Dos and Don’ts for Employers

The issue of equal pay is everywhere today, and the push for pay equity, pay transparency and closing the wage gap is taking on a life of its own. These efforts include: 1. Amended and expanded equal pay laws in… continue
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HR Intel: Is HR Ready for the Robot Revolution?

A regular round up of news, legal trends and workplace developments to help keep HR ahead of the curve Any time there’s a technological revolution, there are winners and losers. About this, historical precedent is clear. After all, elevator operators,… continue
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HR Intel – HR Is Dead; Long Live HR

A round up of workplace developments and legal trends to help keep HR ahead of the curve If you’re in HR, it won’t surprise you that industry observers have called for a transformation of HR as we know it or… continue
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Celebrate Equal Pay Day: 7 Golden Rules to Avoid Pay Discrimination

  Today marks Equal Pay Day and 53 years since the passage of the Equal Pay Act. Nonetheless, we still see wage discrimination and pay inequality in various industries. The issue recently gained nationwide attention when five members of the… continue
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A Valentine’s Day Poem for Employers

February 14th is almost here
A day that many Valentines hold so dear But employers out there should beware
Valentine’s Day can cause quite a scare Workplace relationships and love can go awry
And leave an employer out to dry… continue
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