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Noncompete Agreements Present Challenges for Multistate Employers

Every organization wants to protect its assets, and employees are undoubtedly vital to any employer as one of its greatest resources. Thus, an employer will often use a noncompete agreement, which is a type of restrictive covenant designed to limit… continue
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Noncompete Agreements: Five Common Pitfalls Every Employer Must Know

Employers like noncompete agreements because they can restrict employees from working for a competitor not only during employment, but for a certain period of time after they leave the company. It’s an employer’s way to safeguard its position in its… continue
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Are Employer Social Media Policies a Bad Idea?

At least one employment expert suggests the best place for a social media policy just  might be in the garbage basket. California employment attorney and blogger Heather Bussing, who has represented employers, employees and unions in her legal career, offered… continue
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Top Three Reasons to Double Check Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Provisions

In an effort to protect legitimate business interests and safeguard valuable company information from competitors, employers often rely on confidentiality agreements and employee handbook policies. However, recent government agency initiatives have directly called traditional confidentiality provisions into question because of… continue
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Attract New Talent While Sidestepping Legal Landmines

Hiring away a competitor’s valued employee can be quite a coup, but also can bring a host of headaches for unwary employers. This is especially true if the new hire signed any sort of restrictive covenant agreement with his or… continue
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