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I am the legal editor for the employee benefits section of XpertHR US. I have more than 25 years of HR experience encompassing multiple HR disciplines including employee relations, benefit plan administration, payroll administration and performance management and compensation. I hold both the SPHR and SHRM - SCP HR certifications and was a long-time facilitator of the SHRM Learning System, a course designed to help prepare HR professionals for their PHR/SPHR certification exam. I now give back to the profession by serving as an item writer for the PHR and SPHR exams through the HR Certification Institute.

Some of the topics I cover in the US include:
Employee benefit programs
Health Care Reform

Twitter : @TracyMorley527

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3 Things to Know When Your Boss Says…. Show Me the Money!

The film Jerry Maguire made the phrase ‘Show Me the Money’ famous. This phrase appealed to the business world in particular, and over 20 years later is still used by individuals who control the purse strings when they want to… continue
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From Transactional to Transformational: An HR Super Hero Story

1984…. the year, not the novel, was pretty impressive. OK, the novel was also impressive, and according to a recent New York Times article, is making a comeback. But let’s focus on some of the events that happened during 1984….… continue
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ACA Reporting – Helping Employees Understand Their Obligations

My family loves that I have an HR background. Over the years I’ve helped with such things as preparing for job interviews, salary negotiations and helping to understand their benefit plans, so it came as no surprise when one of… continue
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Why Should Employers Care About Elder Care?

In March 2015, I lost my beautiful mother, Virginia, at the ripe old age of 90. The impact she had on others was clearly evident when so many friends and relatives came to help my family ‘celebrate her life’ in… continue
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Open Enrollment: Four Keys to Success

Fall is easily my favorite time of year! With it, comes the start of the football season, crisp, cool weather, pumpkin and apple picking and of course, the beautiful fall foliage. Fall also marks the beginning of one of HR’s… continue
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ACA Reporting Deadlines Are Just Around the Corner… Are You Ready?

Beginning in 2016, many employers will have to comply with the annual health care reporting requirements under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The reporting requirements promote transparency regarding health plan coverage and costs. They also provide the IRS with the… continue
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It Just Keeps Getting Better!

It’s hard to believe, but day two was even better than day one here at the HR Technology Conference. After having a nice continental breakfast, I headed off to ‘Bringing HR Into The Cloud -Naomi’s Master Panel’, where leading expert… continue
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The Times They Are a Changing

If you asked me 25 years ago (when I was a newbie in HR) if I would be attending an HR Technology Conference my immediate response would have been an emphatic NO! After all, HR is HR, not IT right?… continue
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