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EMO Trans Leverages XpertHR's Tools to Extend Staff Impact

Imagine managing human resources for a company with 400 employees operating out of 21 states, 28 branch offices, as well as doing business in 17 countries and 250 network locations in 120 countries.
Imagine, further, doing this with just one dedicated HR person and part-time assistance from two other staff members shared with payroll and accounting.

Multiple jurisdictions. Changing laws. Limited time. Tight budget.
Who would take on such a seemingly insurmountable charge?

Donna Landeck did. She came on board with EMO Trans in 2015 as the HR manager to help establish the HR function. Donna reports to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), who takes great effort to ensure a return on investment for any new or recommended HR practices, and integrations of support tools or resources. Landeck is often directed to build that business case. Fortunately, she was able to do so when she discovered the tools and resources offered by XpertHR and, she says, it's been an investment that has saved time and minimized risk for the international shipping and logistics organization. Initially, Landeck was interested in XpertHR's resources for creating an employee handbook which she successfully rolled out in December of 2018, a major project that she had to start from scratch, and one that she couldn't have gotten as far as she has without XpertHR's tools.

About EMO Trans

EMO Trans is a multinational, privately owned company, that is committed to forging partnerships with customers—some who have been with them for decades. Established in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1965. EMO Trans' goal is to facilitate the most efficient, effective supply chain solutions possible. EMO Trans has grown to span a wide range of locations with 400 employees in the US and more around the globe.

EMO Trans
Organization size:
250-499 employees
HR team:
2 full-time employees
2 part-time employees

XpertHR helped to address Landeck's needs in three specific areas:

"One of the things I like best is the updates on all of the states' changes", says Landeck. Looking to the future, Landeck hopes to utilize more of the training components offered by XpertHR.

Here are some of the areas XpertHR has helped EMO Trans with:

  • Managing a Myriad of Laws, Rules and Regulations

    Despite having a small team, a limited budget, and no access to an attorney—readily-available on retainer—Donna is tasked with staying on top of an evergrowing and constantly shifting array of laws and regulations across multiple jurisdictions on a day-to-day basis. "At least once or twice a week, I have people asking questions that I need to research," she says. XpertHR has significantly expedited that process, not only saving time but relieving the stress of uncertainty when providing answers to what can often be liability-laden questions which ultimately offers her peace of mind.

    In addition to ongoing changes impacting minimum wage and overtime requirements, newly emerging areas of potential risk—like various states now legalizing the use of recreational marijuana—mean that Landeck and her team need access to reliable information about how these issues impact the organization, including management decisions, policies, procedures and processes.

  • Answers to Critical Questions Just a Keystroke—or Call—Away

    Landeck and her team are able to quickly turn to XpertHR for reliable answers scrutinized by attorneys from top employment law firms—and edited by an in-house team of legal editors and HR professionals. She particularly values the ease of use of XpertHR's downloadable 50-State Charts—what she calls her "cheat sheets."

    "I love the downloadable charts. I never had that before," says Landeck. "I'd have to go to the Department of Labor, or somewhere else to find my information and then piece it all together. This is a one-stop shop that's really helped me in my process. It's much quicker to get the information".

    Landeck estimates that she and her part-time staff save about a day a week by having these handy XpertHR tools readily available. And, it's not just the availability, but the reliability of the information that she values.

    Landeck has used other HR information services available through top industry providers, but finds the legal power behind XpertHR's resources to be invaluable. In addition, she says, other resources did not prove to be as easy to use to quickly find the information she needs.

    "Without access to an attorney, on retainer, this is a good tool to get questions answered and to develop strategy and training to address HR needs," says Landeck. "I don't know how one would manage without either a lawyer or a tool like this."

    And, in situations where she doesn't find what she needs as quickly as she'd like to, Landeck knows she can pick up the phone to talk to the XpertHR customer success team or her account manager to point her in the right direction. "I don't take them up on their support often enough, but it's good to know they are around and willing to help," says Landeck.

    In addition, Landeck says she uses XpertHR's Topic Alerts in specific states or jurisdictions where she's particularly concerned about staying on top of emerging policies and regulations.

  • Vetted Training Resource

    Organizations rely on their supervisors and managers to act in accordance with policies and laws that impact employee relations and carry risks that could range from employee dissatisfaction to legal liability, lawsuits, claims and judgments that can literally threaten an organization's viability. A recent area of risk: sexual harassment claims which have increased significantly since the emergence of the #MeToo movement.

    Landeck says that XpertHR's training resources have helped immeasurably here, allowing her to quickly pull together the information and tools needed to ensure supervisors, managers—and all employees—understand policies and reporting procedures. She's relied on these resources to identify where she's mandated to train and what's required on a state-by-state basis. "I'm in a lot of the states that are very employee-friendly," she says. "New York just got the strictest sexual harassment prevention requirement in the country. These are the things that XpertHR is constantly updating us on which is great."

Key Benefits of XpertHR

Landeck and EMO Trans have already found some key benefits through XpertHR. These include easy access, ease of use, information not readily available through other sources and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the answers found can be relied upon.

  • At-your-fingertips access to answers on quickly changing wage and hour issues
  • A repository of policy documents with language reviewed and evaluated by hundreds of attorneys
  • Fast answers to managers' HR-related questions
  • National and international resources to take the time out of online research
  • A cost-effective solution—the subscription costs are easily recouped through saved time and minimized risk

With XpertHR at Donna's side as her strategic partner for her HR team's needs—at the local, state, national and international level—she now feels much more confident.

Growing HR compliance needs? Have multistate complexities? No problem! XpertHR has you covered.

"It's a small price to pay for peace of mind." - Donna Landeck

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