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New resources scheduled to be published on XpertHR include:


Compensation Practices 2022: XpertHR Survey Report

Benchmarking and Surveys (BETA)

This survey report will help an employer stay abreast of trends in key aspects of compensation practices, such as the types of pay structures organizations use, priorities and challenges of compensation structures, common benchmarking practices, and more.

COVID-19 Leave Handbook Statement: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Employee Handbooks

This resource will help Philadelphia employers with 25 or more employees demonstrate compliance with Philadelphia's COVID-19 leave ordinance, which provides employees with supplemental paid sick leave for certain COVID-19-related absences.

How To Support Employees Experiencing Menopause

How To

This resource will help employers address employee concerns related to experiencing menopause. It will also provide information about menopausal symptoms and ways to offer support at work.

Menopause Policy

Policies and Documents

This resource will help employers communicate the organizational support available to employees experiencing menopausal symptoms and seeking assistance at work.

Sick and Safe Leave Handbook Statement: New Mexico

Employee Handbooks

This resource will assist New Mexico employers in educating employees about the availability of earned sick and safe leave under the state's Healthy Workplaces Act and in demonstrating compliance with the law, effective July 1, 2022.

Supporting Employees Experiencing Menopause - Supervisor Training

Supervisor Training

This resource will guide supervisors through addressing menopause-related concerns or issues on their team. It will provide information on ways to discuss issues related to menopausal symptoms, their effect on the employee at work, and ways to offer support.

Time Off on Veterans Day Handbook Statement: Tennessee

Employee Handbooks

This resource will help Tennessee employers demonstrate compliance with the state law that requires employers to allow employees who are veterans to have Veterans Day off as an unpaid holiday.


HR Staffing and Resources 2022: XpertHR Survey Report

Benchmarking and Surveys (BETA)

This survey report will help an employer stay in the know about the latest trends and data concerning HR staffing and resources, such as the ratio of HR staff to overall number of workers, HR staff composition, HR outsourcing, HR certifications, HR budgets and more.

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