Data Security Breach Notification Laws by State: New 50-State Chart Added

XpertHR has added a helpful new 50-State Chart to its data security breach notification laws resources, Data Security Breach Notification Laws by State.

Every state has a data breach notification law that requires employers to provide notice to affected individuals in the event of a breach. However, each law varies as to how and when such notice must be provided and to whom. As a result, it may prove difficult for employers to track and comply with their state's legal requirements.

This chart details the data breach notification laws for private employers in each state and the District of Columbia, including:

  • Definitions of the personal information that is covered by the law;
  • The time within which an employer must provide notice;
  • The format in which notice must be provided;
  • The content that must be included in the notice; and
  • Whether notice must be provided to additional parties.

This chart also links to state Workplace Security sections for more comprehensive information, including exceptions, where applicable.