Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking: Employment Law Manual Enhanced and Expanded

Author: XpertHR Editorial Team

In our drive to continuously respond to the needs of HR professionals and improve the XpertHR user experience, we are excited to announce the release of stand-alone Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking sections within the Risk Management chapter of the Employment Law Manual.

The new federal and state Employment Law Manual sections will help HR professionals understand applicable federal and state laws, as well as best practices relating to drugs, alcohol and smoking. Issues addressed include:

  • State laws that prohibit or otherwise restrict the drug testing of job applicants and employees;
  • The effects on the workplace of marijuana legalization and the increasing use of e-cigarettes; and
  • Policy and posting requirements relating to drugs and smoking.

While many of these topics have been addressed in other sections of our Employment Law Manual, we determined that these key issues should be addressed in further detail and scope, better organized and elevated in their own particular sections to make them easily accessible to our users.

XpertHR will be publishing these new sections on a rolling basis in the coming months, with the federal section and the following 12 state sections released today:

Stay tuned as XpertHR continues to release additional Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking state sections and update content to assist users with their compliance obligations. In order to stay current with the release of the new state sections, ensure the topic Employee Health is selected under "Topic Alerts" in "My Account."

As always, your feedback is welcome by emailing feedback@xperthr.com.