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July 1, 2017, Compliance Requirements

Typically, July 1 is a date when numerous legislative changes become effective, and this year is no different. An employer should take note of these legal developments and ensure it takes the appropriate steps to comply. In addition, if an employer is present in various jurisdictions, it should take a careful review of how it may affect its local policies and procedures, especially those relating to the minimum wage and sick leave.

The following are the new compliance requirements effective July 1, 2017:

Minimum Wage

In addition to Maryland and Oregon, numerous cities and counties have adopted their own local minimum wage rates and compliance obligations, which may include notice-posting requirements as well as retaliation protections for employees. Tracking these new obligations can be difficult for employers that operate in more than one jurisdiction. In addition, employers with employees in the following states, cities and counties must ensure that their payroll systems are reprogrammed accordingly to account for the new minimum wage rates.

Jurisdiction Minimum Wage Rate Relevant Resources*
*These resources may reflect subsequent legal developments beyond those referenced here.
District of Columbia
  • $12.50
Minimum Wage: District of Columbia; District of Columbia Minimum Wage Poster
  • $9.25
Minimum Wage: Maryland
Oregon Minimum Wage: Oregon; Oregon Minimum Wage Poster