Pay an Employee's Final Wages: New Liveflo Workflow Published!

Author: Rena Pirsos, XpertHR Legal Editor

XpertHR's innovative Liveflo Tool now includes a workflow to help an employer properly pay final wages to an employee whose employment has ended, either in accordance with or in the absence of a state final pay law. An employer that does not pay final wages properly and on time may be subject to substantial penalties and/or litigation.

Most states have a final pay law, but a few do not. State laws on final pay usually dictate when, what and how to pay based on the nature of the employee's departure. Exceptions to these laws may apply to certain types of employees and situations. In addition, any applicable employer policies, employment contracts and/or collective bargaining agreements may further impact these variables.

This interactive workflow takes an employer through all the steps of making an employee's final wage payment, from identifying the type of separation to calculating and executing the payment.

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