Respond to a Union Petition: New Liveflo Workflow Published!

Author: Melissa Gonzalez Boyce, XpertHR Legal Editor

XpertHR's innovative Liveflo Tool now includes a workflow to assist an employer in responding to a union's petition to unionize a group of employees in the workplace. The workflow also helps an employer prepare for a union representation election in the event the petition is not dismissed by the National Labor Relations Board.

This interactive workflow walks an employer through the steps it needs to take throughout a representation case, from the filing of a petition to the conclusion of a union election. The workflow also helps an employer understand its rights and responsibilities through the process.

Additional XpertHR workflows address complex workplace issues, including completing the Form I-9 for new hires, determining "pay or play" penalties under the Affordable Care Act, disciplining an employee using progressive discipline, and classifying a position as exempt or nonexempt.