Search and Navigation Improved for Federal, State and Local Coverage

Author: XpertHR Editorial Team

Because we understand that finding applicable state and local law is more important than ever, especially when juggling a multijurisdictional compliance program, we have updated our site navigation and search results page to make it easier and more efficient for our users to locate critical relevant federal, state and local requirements and related content.

These new enhancements provide:

  • Updated website navigation, including a new US Jurisdictions directory page sortable by jurisdiction or alphabetically so users can more easily access applicable content for more than 160 jurisdictions from one location.
  • New local pages, each devoted to a single jurisdiction designed to provide a targeted view of upcoming and implemented compliance developments and access to applicable tools, complemented by an "at a glance" box with key compliance requirements for quick reference.
  • New "By Jurisdiction" filter, which replaces the current "By State" filter on the top navigation so users can jump quickly to results for federal or for specific states or localities.
  • Improved search functionality, to better surface jurisdictional content and provide quick access to relevant passages within content.

Users should expect more enhancements to our navigation and search in the coming months. If you would like to provide feedback on these changes, please email us.