Sick Leave Laws at the State and Local Level

Author: Melissa Burdorf, XpertHR Legal Editor

On a national level, private employers are generally not required to provide paid or unpaid sick leave to their employees. However, under Executive Order 13706, private employers that have employees working on federal contracts and subcontracts must provide their eligible employees with paid sick leave.

In the absence of a federal law, many states and local jurisdictions have taken up the reins. Arizona, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Oregon, Vermont and Washington, for example, have passed statewide paid sick leave laws. Many cities, such as the District of Columbia, New York City, Philadelphia and multiple cities in California, New Jersey and Washington, have also passed paid sick leave laws.

Complying with the patchwork of laws can be difficult, since the requirements for each law may differ, even within the same state. XpertHR offers the following tools and resources to help an employer stay current on applicable sick leave laws and understand each law's requirements.


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