Top Localities Added to "State and Local" Tab

Author: XpertHR Editorial Team

Local laws affecting employers continue to develop at a rapid pace. Time and again, our users report the value of our extensive local law coverage in ensuring compliance.

In our constant effort to make this local coverage more accessible, XpertHR has added a new way to navigate to the top, most in-demand localities in its "State and Local" tab. Subscribers can now easily access all the employment laws we are covering for a particular location through the tab dropdown.

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These localities include:

This product enhancement comes on the heels of our new local resource pages.

Easy-to-Find Local Coverage

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Looking for coverage in localities other than these top 10?

XpertHR covers hundreds of laws, ordinances and other developments (which are changing at an unprecedented pace) in more than 200 jurisdictions, including more than 160 localities. Remain current on these localities by navigating to the State and Local Tab:

Count on XpertHR to provide the most current and accurate local HR and employment compliance information all in one place. Quickly compare and stay on top of the latest paid sick leave ordinances, minimum wage changes, and other local trends; update employee handbooks with the XpertHR statements; and comply with notice-posting requirements addressing these ordinances.

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