Union Elections: New Checklist Added

When an employer is faced with a petition for union representation, it should respond quickly to comply with legal deadlines and, if it opposes unionization, to prepare an effective union avoidance campaign. XpertHR has added a new Respond to a Union Representation Petition Checklist to help employers navigate the union election process and track all the necessary steps to respond.

The National Labor Relations Board's election procedures issued in 2015 greatly accelerate the time for elections after a union files an election petition. The election procedure includes deadlines that an employer must meet for posting notices and submitting information following service of a union representation petition. Failing to comply with these requirements may result in the election being set aside and decided in the union's favor. Following the steps in this checklist will help an employer understand its rights and responsibilities and enable it to respond to a union petition in a lawful and timely manner.