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Update Workplace Posters for New Year 2021

Author: XpertHR Editorial Team

Many jurisdictions have added or updated workplace posters to reflect changes to or additions of minimum wage, paid leave and other employee-notification requirements. An employer should review the newly released and revised posters listed below to be sure its workplace notices are up to date for the new year.

For example, Oregon redesigned many of its required notice-postings in 2020. The text has been edited to be more concise and to focus on the key requirements of the laws. In addition, the wage and hour information has been split into two posters (i.e., minimum wage and breaks and overtime) for improved clarity.

Localities in some states have chosen to follow state requirements and have repealed existing requirements (e.g., Tacoma, Washington, with respect to minimum wage), while in other states the list of local posting requirements keeps growing: in this year's edition, we welcome four jurisdictions in California alone, including Burlingame and Half Moon Bay.

Posting requirements related to COVID-19 were passed and have since expired, all during 2020 (i.e., the federal FFCRA notice).

A number of state minimum wage rates have been raised, often prompting a mandatory replacement of outdated posters. However, some jurisdictions have incorporated changes affecting multiple years into one poster, eliminating the need to replace a poster that includes accurate information.

For more in-depth coverage, XpertHR provides its Federal Workplace Labor and Employment Law Posters chart with corresponding State Workplace and Employment Law Posters charts.

The Employment Law Manual, Quick Reference and Policies and Documents tools will continue to be updated as additional changes to federal and state notice requirements become effective.