California Handbook: Table of Contents

How to Use This Table of Contents

This table of contents consists of links to all the policy statements available for California along with national statements which may also be considered for inclusion in a California handbook. They have been set forth in a proposed order with suggested categories. For certain policy statements where the interplay between federal and state law is more complicated, federal requirements have been integrated with California law within the language of the policy statement itself.

To determine whether a policy statement should be included in your handbook, consult the "When to Include" section found within each policy statement.

Below is a sample proposed table of contents for a California-specific employee handbook.

General Information


About Our Company

Contact Page

Purpose of Employee Handbook

Employment At-Will

Commitment to Diversity

Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Prevention Handbook Statement [5+ Employees]

Harassment and Retaliation Prevention Handbook Statement [1-4 Employees]

Disability Accommodation

Religious Accommodation

Accommodation for Adult Literacy Programs

Accommodation for Victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault or Stalking

Accommodation for Drug or Alcohol Treatment or Rehabilitation

General Employment Practices

Employee Classifications

Employment Eligibility and Work Authorization

Romantic and Family Relationships at Work

Background Checks

Reference Checks

Access to Personnel Files and Payroll Records

Personal Data Changes

Voluntary Open Door Policy

Family Friendly Workplace (San Francisco)

Workplace Conduct

Standards of Conduct

Reporting and Anti-Retaliation Policy

Confidential Company Information

Personal Appearance and Grooming

Attendance and Punctuality

Personal Electronic Devices

Personal Calls

Contact With the Media

Social Media

Conflicts of Interest

Outside Employment

Time Off and Leaves of Absence

Time off and Leaves of Absence


Floating Holidays


Day of Rest

Paid Sick and Safe Time [Accrual Method]

Paid Sick and Safe Time [Lump Sum Method]

Paid Sick Leave (Berkeley) [1-24 Employees; Accrual Method]

Paid Sick Leave (Berkeley) [25+ Employees; Accrual Method]

Paid Sick Leave (Long Beach)

Paid Sick and Safe Time (Los Angeles) [Accrual Method]

Paid Time Off - Hotel Workers (Los Angeles)

Unpaid Sick Time - Hotel Workers (Los Angeles)

Paid Sick and Safe Time (San Diego) [Accrual Method]

Paid Sick and Safe Leave (San Francisco) [1-9 Employees; Accrual Method]

Paid Sick and Safe Leave (San Francisco) [10+ Employees; Accrual Method]

Public Health Emergency Leave (San Francisco) (coming soon)

Paid Sick Leave (Oakland) [1-9 Employees; Accrual Method]

Paid Sick Leave (Oakland) [10+ Employees; Accrual Method]

Paid Leave and Unpaid Sick Leave (West Hollywood)

Personal Leave

Family Care and Medical Leave [5-49 Employees]

Family and Medical Leave [50+ Employees]

Pregnancy and Pregnancy-Related Disabilities Leave and Accommodation

Supplemental Compensation for New Child Bonding (San Francisco) [20+ Employees]

Family Military Leave

School or Child Care Activities Leave

School Discipline Leave

Bereavement Leave

Bone Marrow Donor Leave

Organ Donor Leave

Military Leave

Emergency Responder Leave

Civil Air Patrol Leave

Jury and Witness Duty Leave

Crime Victim Leave [1-24 Employees]

Crime Victim Leave [25+ Employees]

Leave to Attend Judicial Proceedings Related to Certain Felonies

Leave To Attend Court Proceedings for Serious Crimes

Time Off to Vote

Election Officer Leave

Pay Practices

Performance Reviews

Payment of Wages

Discussion of Wages

Work Schedules

Meal and Rest Breaks

Lactation Accommodation

Lactation Accommodation (San Francisco)



On-Call Policy

Business Travel and Reimbursement

Schedules, Hours and Retention of Retail Workers (San Francisco)

Scheduling for Part-Time Employees (San Jose)

Employee Benefits

Benefits Overview

Medical and Dental Insurance

Same-Sex Marriages and Domestic Partnerships

Flexible Spending Accounts

Group Life Insurance

Disability Benefits

Family Leave Insurance

Retirement Benefits

Workers' Compensation

Employee Assistance Program

Service Awards

Employee Referral Program

Matching Gift Program

Educational Assistance Programs

Safety and Security

Workplace Violence

Weapons in the Workplace

Workplace Bullying

Work-Related Injuries or Illnesses

Smoke-Free Workplace

Health and Safety

Emergency Evacuation

Recovery/Cool-Down Periods

Drug-Free Workplace

Company's Right to Search

Cameras and Video Surveillance


Use of Company Equipment and Resources

Electronic Resources

Dual-Use Device Users

Driving for Company Business

Cell Phone Use/Texting While Driving

Inclement Weather/Office Closing

No Solicitation/Distribution of Literature

Leaving the Company

Separation from Employment

Return of Company Property

References/Verifications of Employment

Exit Interviews


Acknowledgement and Receipt