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Drug-Free Workplace Handbook Statement: California

The Company strives to provide a safe environment for employees and others and to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries. Accordingly, each employee has a responsibility to co-workers and the public to deliver services in a safe and conscientious manner. Continuing research and practical experience have proven that even limited quantities of illegal drugs, abused prescription drugs or alcohol can impair reflexes and judgment. This impairment, even when not readily apparent, can have catastrophic consequences. Moreover, studies have shown that impairment by controlled substances may last long after the user believes the effects have worn off. For these reasons, the Company has adopted a policy that all employees must report to work and, while at work, remain completely free of illegal drugs, abused or non-prescribed prescription drugs and alcohol.

Drug Use/Distribution/Possession/Impairment

The Company strictly prohibits the use, sale, attempted sale, conveyance, distribution, manufacture, purchase, attempted purchase, possession, cultivation and/or transfer of illegal drugs or