New York Supplement: Table of Contents

How to Use This Table of Contents

This table of contents consists of links to all the policy statements available for New York which together combine to form a proposed state-specific supplement to an employee handbook. They have been set forth in a proposed order with suggested categories and are intended to be used together with the National Handbook: Table of Contents and its associated policy statements.

To determine whether a policy statement should be included in your handbook, consult the "When to Include" section found within each policy statement.

General Information

About This New York Supplement

Commitment to Diversity

Equal Employment Opportunity

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment Complaint Form

Sexual Harassment (New York City)

Political Opinions

Reproductive Health Decisions

Pregnancy Accommodation

Pregnancy Accommodation (New York City)

Accommodations for Victims of Domestic Violence, Sex Offenses or Stalking (New York City)

Cooperative Dialogue about Accommodation Needs (New York City)

Discrimination on the Basis of Gender, Gender Identity or Transgender Status (New York City)

Time Off and Leaves of Absence

Adoption Leave

Military Spouse Leave

Bereavement Leave

Blood Donor Leave

Bone Marrow Donor Leave

Crime Victim Leave

Jury Duty Leave [1-10 Employees]

Jury Duty Leave [11+ Employees]

Time Off to Vote

Mandatory Time Off/Day Of Rest

Military Leave

Emergency Responder Leave

Paid Family Leave Benefits

Domestic Violence Victim Leave

Paid Sick and Safe Leave [100+ Employees]

Paid Sick and Safe Leave [5-99 Employees or 1-4 Employees and Net Income of Greater Than $1,000,000]

Sick and Safe Leave [1-4 Employees and Net Income of $1,000,000 or Less]

Paid Safe and Sick Time [100+ Employees] (New York City)

Paid Safe and Sick Time [5-99 Employees or 1-4 Employees and Net Income of $1,000,000 or More] (New York City)

Safe and Sick Time [1-4 Employees and Net Income of Less Than $1,000,000] (New York City)

Paid Safe Leave (Westchester County)

Pay Practices

Discussion of Wages

Meal Breaks

Lactation Accommodation

Lactation Accommodation (New York City)

Schedules and Hours for Fast Food Workers (New York City)

Schedules for Retail Workers (New York City)

Requests for Schedule Changes (New York City)

Employee Benefits

Disability Benefits

Safety and Security

Airborne Infectious Disease Exposure Prevention Plan Handbook Addendum

Smoke-Free Workplace

Cell Phone Use/Texting While Driving