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Weapons in the Workplace Handbook Statement: California

[Insert Company Name] strictly prohibits employees or any other person providing services to the Company or located on the Company's premises from possessing weapons of any kind at the workplace. The workplace includes any property owned or leased by [insert Company Name] or occupied by groups of company employees or persons providing services to the Company. Unless this prohibition is contrary to California or local law, the workplace specifically includes company parking areas and company vehicles. Employees are not permitted to transport or store weapons in vehicles owned or leased by [insert Company Name] and used by the employee for work purposes, unless the employee is required to transport or store a weapon as part of the employee's duties and the employee has written permission from [insert name/contact details for appropriate company representative or department]. This policy prohibits the possession of concealed weapons as well as weapons carried openly.

This prohibition specifically includes guns, rifles and firearms of any type, including