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EEO - Affirmative Action: Oregon

EEO - Affirmative Action requirements for other states

Federal law and guidance on this subject should be reviewed together with this section.

Authors: Sean Ray and Nelson Atkin, Barran Liebman


  • Private employers are not required to establish affirmative action programs under Oregon law. See Private Employers.
  • All branches of Oregon state government are required to engage in affirmative action. See Affirmative Action for Oregon Public Employees.
  • The Public Contracting Code cannot prohibit affirmative action. However, a contracting agency may require a contractor or subcontractor to use either an emerging small business or a business owned or controlled by a disabled veteran. See State Contractors.
  • Apprenticeship Program Sponsors are required to take affirmative action and, if the program has five or more apprentices, adopt an affirmative action plan. See Apprenticeship Programs.
  • Localities including Eugene and Portland have requirements pertaining to EEO - Afirmative Action. See Local Requirements.