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Employee Discipline: Missouri

Employee Discipline requirements for other states

Federal law and guidance on this subject should be reviewed together with this section.

Authors: Jason Janoski and Alan L. Rupe, Kutak Rock LLP


  • Missouri law provides for whistleblower and retaliation protections. See Retaliation Concerns.
  • Employers should guard against any discriminatory practices in the disciplinary process. See Discrimination Concerns.
  • Missouri employers may not discharge any employee based on his or her wage garnishment for any one indebtedness. See Wage Garnishment.
  • Missouri law requires employers to post certain notices regarding employee rights. See Notice Posting.
  • Missouri law protects employees who have certain types of absences from work. See Absences.
  • Missouri law protects employees from discrimination based on certain off-duty activities. See Lawful Behavior Outside Work.
  • Missouri law allows for the concealed carry of firearms, but employers may prohibit the practice under certain circumstances. See Weapons in the Workplace.
  • Both the US and Missouri State Constitutions protect Missouri employees from unreasonable government searches. See Employer Searches.
  • Missouri employers may discipline employees for alcohol and drug use at the workplace. See Drug and Alcohol Use.
  • Missouri employers should use caution when disciplining employees based on criminal behavior outside of the workplace. See Criminal Behavior.
  • Missouri is a one party consent state. Missouri statutes only address intercepting wire communications. See Recording Meetings.
  • Employers may guard against workplace theft through the use of restrictive covenants. See Noncompete Agreements.
  • Missouri courts recognize employee defamation claims. See Defamation Concerns.
  • Certain public employers must follow statutory procedures when suspending or terminating employees. See Discipline of Certain State Employees.