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Other Leaves: South Dakota

Other Leaves requirements for other states

Federal law and guidance on this subject should be reviewed together with this section.

Author: Gloria Ju


  • There are various types of leave that may be available to an employee in South Dakota. See Leaves of Absence.
  • South Dakota does not have a state family and medical leave law applicable to private employers. See Family and Medical Leave.
  • An employee may not be terminated for serving jury duty. See Jury Duty Leave.
  • An employer must provide an employee with two consecutive hours to vote under certain circumstances. See Voting Leave.
  • An employer must provide a temporary leave of absence without loss of job status or seniority to any employee who is a member of the legislature so that the employee can perform official legislative duties. See Legislative Leave.
  • Any state resident who is a member of any state's National Guard who is ordered to active duty service by the governor of that state or the US president is afforded the same protections afforded to persons serving on federal active duty. See Military Leave.