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Payment of Wages: Missouri

Payment of Wages requirements for other states

Federal law and guidance on this subject should be reviewed together with this section.

Authors: Alan L. Rupe and Aaron Sauerwein, Kutak Rock LLP


  • Generally, Missouri employers may pay employees' wages in cash, or by check, draft or other voucher. See Wage Payment Methods.
  • All corporations doing business in Missouri must pay employees' wages and salaries at least on a semimonthly basis, and no later than 16 days after the close of each payroll period. Certain types of employees may be paid monthly. Pay statements must be provided to employees at least monthly. Penalties are imposed for noncompliance. See Pay Frequency.
  • Employers doing business in Missouri must give employees who will be affected by a wage reduction at least 30 days' advance notice. See Notification Requirements.
  • Missouri law specifies the types of pay deductions that are permitted and the types that are prohibited. See Permitted and Prohibited Wage Deductions.
  • When an employer terminates an employee's employment, with or without cause, the employee must be paid all wages due on the day of termination. Certain types of employees are exempt from this requirement. When an employee quits, the employer should pay final wages by the next regular payday. Penalties are imposed for violations of the law. See Termination Pay.
  • Wages that remain unclaimed by an employee for a period of years specified by state law are considered abandoned property. Employers are required to report and remit abandoned wages to the state and to notify affected employees. See Unclaimed Wages.