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EEO - Retaliation: Illinois

EEO - Retaliation requirements for other states

Federal law and guidance on this subject should be reviewed together with this section.

Authors: Steve Miller and Theresa Essig, Fisher Phillips


  • While various Illinois laws prohibit retaliation against employees who engage in protected activity, the key statute that prohibits retaliation against employees who allege discrimination or harassment is the Illinois Human Rights Act. See Retaliation Under the Illinois Human Rights Act.
  • To prove retaliation under Illinois law, an employee must establish that: (1) he or she engaged in protected activity; (2) the employer committed a material adverse act against him or her; and (3) a causal nexus exists between the protected activity and the adverse act. See What Constitutes Retaliation.
  • Reprimands or negative performance evaluations, unaccompanied by any tangible job consequences, do not generally constitute materially adverse acts under Illinois law. See What Constitutes Retaliation.