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Employee Communications: North Dakota

Employee Communications requirements for other states

Federal law and guidance on this subject should be reviewed together with this section.

Authors: Joel Fremstad and Lynn Block, Fremstad Law


  • North Dakota law requires employers to post notices regarding minimum wage, work conditions, workplace safety, insurance and unemployment compensation. See Communications in Postings Required by North Dakota Law.
  • Employee handbooks can be an effective way to communicate workplace rules and policies. See Employee Handbooks.
  • With respect to recording, monitoring or intercepting employment communications, such as disciplinary meetings or performance appraisals, North Dakota is a one-party consent state. See Monitoring Employee Electronic Data and Communications.
  • Employers may restrict certain employee communications, but should use caution when restricting protected communications. See Restrictions on Employee Communications.
  • Employers can be confronted with employee claims of defamation, particularly with regard to comments surrounding the termination of employment. See Defamation Claims.
  • The Uniform Trade Secrets Act has been adopted and enacted by North Dakota. See Trade Secrets.
  • North Dakota law regulates restrictive covenants, such as noncompete and nonsolicitation agreements. See Restrictive Covenants.