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Employee Handbooks - Work Rules - Employee Conduct: Georgia

Employee Handbooks - Work Rules - Employee Conduct requirements for other states

Federal law and guidance on this subject should be reviewed together with this section.

Author: C. R. Wright, Fisher Phillips


  • Georgia has one of the strongest presumptions of employment-at-will making it difficult to use handbook or policy language to create a contract or enforceable promise. See Employment At-Will.
  • Georgia law restricts an employer's ability to search employee vehicles for guns and allows certain individuals to carry weapons in public places. See Guns in the Workplace.
  • The Georgia Drug-Free Workplace law requires employers with government contracts totaling $25,000 or more to certify that they maintain a drug-free workplace and offers a discount on workers' compensation insurance premiums to employers who comply with certain provisions including applicant testing for drugs. See Drug and Alcohol Testing.
  • Georgia law prohibits smoking in most public places, including enclosed areas within places of employment. See Smoking Restrictions.
  • Georgia law requires employers to give paid time off for employees to express breast milk. See Breastfeeding Breaks.
  • Georgia law restricts electronic monitoring of communications. See Electronic Monitoring and Surveillance.
  • Georgia has laws requiring equal pay for equal work, and prohibiting employment discrimination on account of disability, age, religion and criminal record. See Prohibited Discrimination.
  • Georgia law requires time off for employees to vote under certain circumstances. See Political Activities.
  • Georgia law prohibits state agencies from restricting an employee's pursuit of elected or appointed positions, subject to certain requirements. See Political Activities.
  • Localities such as Savannah have local requirements pertaining to work rules and employee conduct. See Local Requirements.