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Employee Handbooks - Work Rules - Employee Conduct: New Jersey

Employee Handbooks - Work Rules - Employee Conduct requirements for other states

Federal law and guidance on this subject should be reviewed together with this section.

Authors: Stacey D. Adams, Alison B. Andolena, Littler


  • Although New Jersey is an at-will employment state, there are several exceptions to the at-will employment doctrine. See At-Will Nature of Employment; Exceptions to the At-Will Employment Doctrine.
  • New Jersey has several laws designed to promote workplace safety, including a Right to Know act requiring employers to provide employees with information regarding hazardous materials, an occupational health and safety act geared towards public employees and a smoke-free air act. See Workplace Safety.
  • New Jersey has wage and hour laws governing meal breaks and rest periods, wage payment, permissible deductions and other wage-related issues. See Meal Breaks and Rest Breaks; Wage and Hour Requirements.
  • There are several laws in New Jersey governing employee leaves, including the New Jersey Family Leave Act and the New Jersey Paid Family Leave Law. See Employee Leaves.
  • There are limitations placed on employers with regard to monitoring employees in the areas of drug testing, electronic communications, polygraphs and wiretapping.See Employee Monitoring.