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Employee Handbooks - Work Rules - Employee Conduct: Rhode Island

Employee Handbooks - Work Rules - Employee Conduct requirements for other states

Federal law and guidance on this subject should be reviewed together with this section.

Author: Jessica Sussman


  • Employment of an indefinite duration in Rhode Island is at-will, and may be terminated by either party without cause. See At-Will Nature of Employment.
  • Employers are required to provide nursing mothers with a place and time to breastfeed. See Nursing Mothers.
  • Rhode Island's workplace smoking law prohibits smoking in enclosed facilities within places of employment. See Rules Prohibiting Smoking.
  • Rhode Island recognizes the right to privacy by statute and individuals may maintain claims for unreasonable intrusion upon seclusion, misappropriation, false light publicity and unreasonable publicity of one's private life. See Work Rules Regarding Privacy Rights.
  • Employees must be given a 20 minute break for meals after 6 consecutive hours of work. See Break and Rest Periods.
  • Rhode Island has laws regarding employers providing a leave of absence for employees for military training or active duty. See Military Leave.
  • Rhode Island employers may test employees for drugs and alcohol for legitimate work-related reasons. See Drug and Alcohol Testing.