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Employer Liability: Oregon

Employer Liability requirements for other states

Federal law and guidance on this subject should be reviewed together with this section.

Author: Susan Borowski


  • Oregon statutes list the unfair labor practices for private employers covered under Oregon's labor laws. See Unfair Labor Practices.
  • The Employment Relations Board (ERB) oversees the adjudication of unfair labor practices and orders remedies. See Unfair Labor Practice Remedies.
  • Employers face liability for requiring employee attendance at meetings to discuss the employer's views on unions. See Compulsory Meetings.
  • Employers are subject to a fine for hiring professional strikebreakers during a labor dispute. See Hiring of Strikebreakers.
  • Employers may be liable for the actions of their officers or agents under certain circumstances. See Liability for Officers or Agents.
  • The Employment Relations Board has the authority to order remedies if unfair labor practices have been committed. See Penalties for Unfair Labor Practices.