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HR and Workplace Safety: Oregon

HR and Workplace Safety (OSHA Compliance) requirements for other states

Federal law and guidance on this subject should be reviewed together with this section.

Author: Leanne Coffman


  • Oregon has a federally approved State Plan governing the safety and health of workers. See Overview.
  • Oregon has safety standards that are more protective than federal standards. See Compliance Overview.
  • Oregon lists additional reporting requirements apart from the federal requirements. See Reporting Injuries and Fatalities.
  • Oregon requires employers covered under OR-OSHA to implement a Written Safety and Health Program. See Written Safety and Health Program.
  • Oregon has a two-year statute of limitations for individuals to sue for personal injuries. See Statute of Limitations.
  • The Oregon Rule Addressing COVID Workplace Risks requires employers to comply with certain COVID-19-related health and safety standards. See Rule Addressing COVID Workplace Risks.
  • Several Oregon laws place restrictions on cell phone usage while operating a motor vehicle. See Driving Policies.
  • Oregon does not have specific civil rights laws that limit or prohibit drug testing in the workplace. However, certain laws do restrict breathalyzer testing without consent. See Drug and Alcohol Testing as a Safety Measure.