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Labor Rights and Enforcement: Pennsylvania

Labor Rights and Enforcement requirements for other states

Federal law and guidance on this subject should be reviewed together with this section.

Author: James S. Urban, Jones Day


  • Pennsylvania has a private sector labor relations statute, known as the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Act (PLRA), but the PLRA only covers private sector employers that are not covered by the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), limiting its application to only smaller businesses. See Pennsylvania Labor Relations Act.
  • Application of the unfair labor practices prohibited by the PLRA, however, is broader because they also apply to police, firefighters and their unions. See Pennsylvania Labor Relations Act.
  • Pennsylvania's Public Employee Relations Act (PERA) governs labor relations between most public employees and their employers. The PERA's unfair labor practice protections extend to public school employees. See Public Employee Relations Act.
  • Both the PLRA and PERA are administered by the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board. See The Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board.
  • Pennsylvania has a labor relations anti-injunction statute that protects employees' right to picket peacefully during a labor dispute. See Pennsylvania's Labor Anti-Injunction Act.