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Minimum Wage: Delaware

Minimum Wage requirements for other states

Federal law and guidance on this subject should be reviewed together with this section.

Authors: E. Chaney Hall, Kathleen Furey McDonough and Jennifer C. Wasson, Potter Anderson & Corroon, LLP


  • Delaware's minimum wage rate is currently $8.25 per hour. See Minimum Wage.
  • Delaware's minimum wage rate is tied to the federal minimum wage rate. If the federal minimum wage is raised above the current Delaware minimum wage, the Delaware minimum wage must rise to match it. See Minimum Wage.
  • Employees who receive tips as part of their compensation are subject to a different minimum wage than employees who do not receive tips. See Credit for Tipped Employees.
  • Delaware law limits the types of expenses that an employer may deduct from an employee's wages. See Deductions.
  • Delaware differs from most states on the types of income that are subject to garnishment. See Garnishments.
  • Under certain conditions, employers that are granted a special certificate from the state may pay individuals with disabilities and certain student learners at rates lower than the minimum wage. See Subminimum Wages.