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Other Leaves: Colorado

Other Leaves requirements for other states

Federal law and guidance on this subject should be reviewed together with this section.

Authors: Stuart R. Buttrick, Thomas W. Carroll, Susan W. Kline and Mary L. Will, Faegre Baker Daniels LLP


  • There are various types of leave that may be available to an employee in Colorado. See Leaves of Absence.
  • Colorado does not have a state family and medical leave law applicable to private employers. See Family and Medical Leave.
  • An employer may not terminate or discipline an employee who responds to a subpoena to testify in a criminal proceeding or to participate in the preparation of a criminal proceeding. See Crime Victim Leave.
  • A covered employer must provide victims of domestic abuse, stalking or sexual assault with leave to seek legal assistance or medical care, to secure their homes or to seek a protective order. See Domestic Violence Leave.
  • An employer may not terminate an employee, deprive an employee of any job benefits, or harass, threaten or coerce an employee because the employee receives a jury summons. See Jury Duty Leave.
  • An employer must give an unpaid leave to members of the National Guard or US military reserve for training with the US military. See Military Leave.
  • A qualified volunteer who is called into service by a volunteer organization for a disaster is entitled to up to 15 work days of leave per year for the time the volunteer is serving. See Qualified Volunteer Leave.
  • An employer may not terminate an employee who is a volunteer firefighter and fails to report to work because the employee has responded to an emergency summons, provided that the employee gives the employer a written statement from the fire department chief that the absence was due to the emergency summons. See Volunteer Firefighters Leave.
  • Depending on an employee's working hours, an employer must allow an employee eligible to vote to be absent from work for two hours, with pay, in order to vote. If the polls are open for three hours of nonwork time, the employee will not be entitled to leave. See Voting Leave.