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Other Leaves: Maryland

Other Leaves requirements for other states

Federal law and guidance on this subject should be reviewed together with this section.

Author: Darrell R. VanDeusen, Kollman & Saucier, PA


  • There are various types of leave that may be available to an employee in Maryland. See Leaves of Absence.
  • Maryland does not have a mini family and medical leave law applicable to private employers. See Family and Medical Leave.
  • While Maryland does not have a mini family and medical leave law, a Maryland employer with 15 or more employees may need to allow their employees to use their earned paid leave to care for certain covered family members. See Kin Care Leave.
  • Certain employers must provide paid sick and safe leave to eligible employees. See Paid Sick Leave.
  • An employer may not terminate employees for responding to an emergency declared by the Governor as a member of the Civil Air Patrol, civil defense, volunteer fire department or volunteer rescue squad. See Emergency Responder Leave.
  • Maryland provides job-protected leave to members of the Civil Air Patrol. See Civil Air Patrol Leave.
  • An employer must allow an employee to participate in jury duty leave. See Jury Duty Leave.
  • An eligible employee may take time off from work to comply with a subpoena or other court order or to attend any proceeding in which the defendant or juvenile has the right to appear including, but not limited to, a trial or adjudicatory hearing. See Crime Victim Leave.
  • An employee who is an eligible voter is allowed up to two hours of paid leave (unless the employee has two continuous nonworking hours when the polls are open) to participate in general, special and primary elections. See Voting Leave.
  • Montgomery County has requirements pertaining to paid sick leave. See Local Requirements.