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Other Leaves: Utah

Other Leaves requirements for other states

Federal law and guidance on this subject should be reviewed together with this section.

Author: Elizabeth Dunning and William Dabney, Holland & Hart, LLP


  • Utah does not have any laws requiring family or medical leave for private employers beyond the federal FMLA. See Family, Medical and Pregnancy Leave.
  • Pregnancy-related disabilities must be treated the same as other temporary conditions regarding leaves of absence. See Family, Medical and Pregnancy Leave.
  • No state law requires private employers to grant sick leave, but the terms of any sick leave policy or contract will likely be enforced by the courts in accordance with case law. See Vacation and Sick Leave.
  • Private employers may not terminate employees because they report for jury service or comply with a witness subpoena, and employees may not be required to use paid leave for these purposes. See Jury Duty/Witness Leave.
  • Employers must allow up to two hours of paid leave for employees to vote if they do not have at least three hours off during the time polls are open, and they apply for leave before the day of the election. See Voting Leave.
  • Employers must grant paid or unpaid leave to an employee whose minor child or ward must appear in court. See Minor Child Court Appearance Leave.