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Public Sector Labor Relations: New York

XpertHR has archived this resource in order to focus on our core mission of serving the private sector with practical employment law updates and information.

Author: Jessica Sussman


  • The Taylor Law governs employment relations between public employers and public employees in New York State. See Public Sector Employees and The Taylor Law.
  • If more than 50% of the employees submit cards to the National Labor Relations Board indicating they wish to be represented by the union, the employer is required to recognize the union. See New York Card Check Law.
  • The Public Employee Relations Board is responsible for the adjudication of matters between employers and employees in the public sector. See Public Employee Relations Board.
  • The Taylor Law defines the collective bargaining process for public employers. See Collective Bargaining Process.
  • Public employers are required by the Taylor Law to negotiate with recognized employee groups on mandatory bargaining issues. See Mandatory Bargaining Issues.
  • New York State law prohibits strikes by public employees. See No Right to Strike.