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Public Sector Labor Relations: Tennessee

XpertHR has archived this resource in order to focus on our core mission of serving the private sector with practical employment law updates and information.

Author: Susan Borowski, Reliable Writing Services


  • With the exception of two classes of employees, teachers and transit workers, there is no state statute governing public sector labor relations. See Public Sector Labor Relations.
  • Public employees have no right to bargain collectively, and public employers have no duty to bargain unless specifically authorized. However, employees may be members of a union, or may form an association to discuss terms and conditions of employment with their employer. See No Right to Bargain.
  • Transit workers are covered under a separate statute and do have some collective bargaining rights. See Transit Workers- Right to Bargain.
  • Teachers lost some collective bargaining rights in 2011 but maintain some rights to discuss wages and some terms and conditions of employment in "collaborative conferencing." See Teachers- No Right to Bargain.
  • All public employees are prohibited from engaging in a strike. See No Right to Strike.